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18. november 2006

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The Austrian Play

Author: Ďuro


  • The set up is similar to our ISO play.
  • All 3 handlers line up aligned horizontally with the one with the disc.
  • One player, call him austrian, lines up about 10 meters down the field.
  • The other 3 players line up vertically about 20 meters down the austrian. The austrian starts to run parallel to the goal line at high speed. There are generally 2 options here. Either he outruns his defender and gets the disc onto the open side, or he cuts back and receives a mark breaking push pass. The other 3 players keep their players busy down the field and adjust their cuts to the successful cut of the austrian for continuation on goal.
  • Several variations on continuation are possible, one of them is shown in the play here.
  • for help click here
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