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31 March, 2015 – 15:17

Following this good tradition, I will carry out the summary of the tournament, as well novice that I am.

7:30 I have to get up soon because this field is really far away from my dormitory.

8:30 I took my bike.

8:50 I met Valle in the Obchodna ulica, I was almost sleeping so I spent more time that I would expected.

9:30 We arrived to the field and we met the rest of the team.

9:45 We started to do some warm up

10:10 We started my first match in a tournament in Bratislava 🙂


It was against dieta team, Bernolakovo, so it wasn’t a very hard match but anyway I really enjoyed seeing the children playing and struggling so hard against us. To make it harder for us we started to set up new rules like, all of us had to throw at least once the disc before score a point. We finished 15:0 but actually, Bernolakovo team did it so well and I really appreciated their encouragement to being in a tournament where they were the smallest ones. But we would play again againts them. (Doro suggested to put in the spirit that they were so cute, I agree).

After this match I have to say that I dont remember accurately what time it was in any of the matches so I will skip the hours.

Two matches later, we played against Box from Vienna. We started to know us in the field and I think we did it quite well but finally we lost for two points. In general I would say that we played well against Bambi and Ladys. In both we lost for one or two points only, and the match could be for them or for us, we weren’t lucky, we should have tried to do more longs. Anyway, I really enjoyed those matches, I think all of us did it also. Next day we would play for the fifth place.

At the party, there wasnt so many people. We were talking and some were having dinner, but it wasnt a really velka párty.

The following day, I was quite tired already. I was thinking that I couldn’t play all the matches, because if the previous day I had to get up at 7:30, that time I had to get up one hour sooner. Our first match was again against Bernolakovo, but that game was quite a disaster. We took it like a warming up and we had new rules also but we weren’t running as fast as we could do it and in generally it was a mess. Although the children did it again so well and they were able to score two points 🙂

The next match it was against sk Juniors. We played better than the last one and I liked so much when Sara was having fun scoring points. After that we played against UFO girls, we decided to play the two games because we would play against them again for the fifth place and we were thinking on play only one. Finally  we won both matches, there I realised that I was tired, but they were tired, too.

If I had to say something about how do I like this tournament, I would say that absolutly I enjoyed it.

And, to end this report, I just want to say thank you to the great cheerleader’s group that we had during the whole Saturday. When we were telling to some friends that we were playing I didn’t expect that at all and it was so funny.




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